The Swingarm was designed with input from Canadian social science experts, doctors, healthcare workers, plastics engineers and building/fire code specialists to ensure both maximum safety and performance. 

Hospital-acquired infection is one of the leading causes of hospital deaths in North America.  The Swingarm was developed to help reduce this problem.

It can also assist in places such as walk-in-medical clinics, nursing homes, loading and off-loading points at airports, train stations and on cruise ships. 

Spinoff benefits are also observed which includes quickly conditioning pedestrians to hand sanitize more frequently at locations where the Swingarm is not present.

Consider this... a security guard or 'greeter' at each doorway, offering a hand sanitizer with outstretched hand.  This would help maximize compliance.  But obviously, this approach is not affordable. The Swingarm offers an economical alternative.

It's objective is simple.  To politely interrupt pedestrian travel to immediately facilitate their need to hand sanitize.  The Swingarm will greatly enhance your ability to eliminate the hand-sanitizing learning curve at desired locations within your facility. 

Importantly, since the Swingarm is located in such an open and obvious fashion, any confusion or non-compliance about hand sanitizing can be easily noticed and addressed by onlookers. 

The Swingarm can easily be moved out of the way since it easily detaches for reattachment to another place on the metal door-frame.  By attaching it to the top of the door frame it can also serve as a 'flag' to help guide patient transfers and equipment moves. 

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