Designed to simply and effectively increase hand-sanitizing compliance. 

Used in outbreak control units/areas and for entrances to such places as hospitals and other healthcare facilities, stores and high-risk patient rooms. 

The Swingarm holds a pump-top dispenser with signage to use it. It can either be held by a free-standing post with floor base or it can be magnetically attached to hospital room door frames. 

The Swingarm attaches to door frames in a way that does not interfere with door operation. Two-sided tape or small 'L' brackets can also be used to make attachment more permanent at desired non-magnetic locations. 

With no 'pinch points' or sharp edges, the Swingarm allows pedestrians to easily swing past it from either direction.

Made of high density polyethylene the arm is built to last. 

With little effort staff can remove the Swingarm by pulling up or down on the hand grip hole.  When mounted on the post stand it can be permanently attached if desired. Swingarms are easy to sanitize and store flat. 

Adjustable dispenser holders for the Swingarm are provided. Provide the brand and size of pump-top sanitizer used and the holders will come pre-adjusted. With the popular pump-top sanitizer brands being in short supply many facilities are refilling with other acceptable sanitizer liquids or gels.  Just ensure a proper label is used to cover the old label.  

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Can hold a clip-on dispenser holder